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Music helps a brain develop. Music can play a special role in development. Music influences the auditory impulses which structures the way we learn to communicate. As music stimulates the brain, the emotions and the body simultaneously, it is a rich nutrient for developing speech, movement and expression. All types of music including pop and folk music have a place in our lives as long as it is not too loud. The music of Mozart is well ordered, while romantic music of Beethoven and Brahms relate to the emotional and heroic energies.

Though music is not a cure all, it has many miraculous properties especially in relation to stress and pain. Music is a movement with participation and flowing with activity. It creates stimulation or deep relaxation and is especially useful at naptime, bedtime and creative play time. When sounds become a distraction especially those with hypersensitivity to sound, it can create attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. There have been many studies on the positive effect of music on math abilities. The young brain strengthens as it studies music thanks to the more rhythmic integration, movement and learning about proportions in time- space perception.

In the elementary years, playing a musical instrument and practising music assists in the overall development of the speech, language and math perception. Rhythm instruments are best in pre-school years, together with singing. Also it is important in elementary years as it helps in forming memory and movement patterns. The earlier you start the better. But keep in mind; never force an instrument. The effect of music on every person will be different. The rhythmic quality of music is a stimulant for the lower part of the brain stem system.

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