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No instrument rivals the piano for its sheer versatility. From it, all things musically can be envisioned, and to it, a lifetime of practice and study can be committed. The piano has served well the annals of musical history with such greats as Thelonious Monk to Billy Joel plying their ivory talent in search of sounds that tantalize the soul. The piano simply commands the music scene in its structure and versatility. The structure of music Music has in its heart the percussive sounding of tonal qualities that unfold in the human ear in what we decipher as music. From the silence, comes an argument that mixes in time and timbre which, if done well, resonates not with just our minds ear, but our body's very membrane. In this structure live the horizontal aspect of time, and the vertical aspect of tonality. The acute composer has a mastery of these elements. And the piano suits that mastery in its unique ability to visualize the sounds of music. The visualization of theory Unlike any other instrument, the keys of the piano give the brain a clear visual of the musical tonality that goes into composition. Moving from left to right, the brain can see in picture what the ear hears in sound. And as the hands develop proficiency in movement across these keys, the effect is further synthesized in timing. The structures of space, time, and tone come to play across the keyboard to give a complete visual rendering of the theory behind music. The total sensory experience The power of the piano in composition and play is that the experience is completed in all the senses. You get the tactile feel of the keys and the pedals, you get the visual input of the structure of the musical machine, and you can sometimes taste the values of the notes when your mouth waters over some new found dissonant combination of tones that brings pleasure to the ears. It is this involvement of the entire body that has endeared the piano to composers throughout time. The cradle of composition The piano cradles the entire symphony of sound that the musical staff represents. All elements come to the forefront of exposition when the piano hammers strike the string in the resonant octaves of every instrument known. From the full on bass to the highest treble, the keys can find a tone that exactly match the emotion behind the note. The piano is the cradle of composition. Total integration The piano is the most complete instrument there is for the creation of music. It provides the percussive force along with the tonal soundings that have time and time again interrupted the silence with the sound of music. Whats Going On 11/12/2012
All is well here at buttonbass. We have come a long way in the last 5 years. We will need to purchase a dedicated server to keep up with the traffic requests we have been getting lately. We really like all the songs the community has transcribed for the pinao. Any of the songs can be pasted into the player or trainer pianos. Just copy the song, clear the text box in the piano and then paste your new song. buttonbass has received over 200,000 installs on our android apps. If you have a droid you should search the play store for "buttonbass" and get all 4 of our apps. Whats Going On 5/23/2012
Google put out a Robert Moog doodle on their home page this morning. I thought google was recognizing buttonbass for a minute. lol. The Moog doodle was pretty cool. I was playing with it for at leats 5 minutes. It had some cool oscilator effects done through java script or something.

Whats Going On 4/21/2012
I upgraded the piano sounds from a mono samlpe to a stereo sample. These samples came out nice. Even if you play many keys at the same time it sounds smooth.

Whats Going On 4/6/2012
I updated the icon nav below the piano and on all pages. Instead of the instruments opeing in the iframe they now open in the same window (_self) I added a player drum set, a player acoustic guitar, and the new freestyle tables with mic recording support. Everett and I worked on the new riff guitar. It looks pretty sweet. Im just waiting on Ariel for some new Fire beats to put on the freestyle tables. As soon as those come in I will replace the current beats on the new tables.

Whats Going On 2/22/2012
I got the Player Piano and the Player Guitar thet I was working on uploaded. The player piano is a good time. Just copy the songs from the song list and paste them in the player piano and it plays the song to you. I will try and make an acoustic player guitar.

Whats Going On 2/13/2012
I have been working on this new feature I received a request for. You will be able to type out the notes you want to play and then hit a play button and hear them played back. Sounds simple. It works fine now, but I need to add the ability to tell it to play multiple notes at once. That will probably be a challenge because the logic of the playback algorithm breaks apart the array and runs conditional testing on each element individually. hmmm I will probably need to get some help on that one. We Bought some new beat mixing equipment and should have some fresh instrumentals up soon to freestyle to.

Whats Going On 2/11/2012
We uploaded all the guitars we have hanging around the living room. I need to buy a 6 string bass still. We plan on recording a new set of distorted guitar notes that are crunchier. Right now I am about to take the new guitars to the google chrome web store and submit them as apps for the google chrome browser.

Whats Going On 2/8/2012
I got the bass guitar uploaded. It sounds a little low to me. I think we might need to normalize or re-recoted the samples. Let me know what you think. There are keys on the keyboard that do not play anything on the bass. There are 2 blank keys between each fret of 4 strings. I will probably add a 6 string bass soon. I just need to buy one. Does anyone want to donate a 6 string bass?

Whats Going On 2/6/2012
We have been spending much of our time recently recording and editing all the recent guitar additions. We made a few trips to the guitar store, bought an acoustic guitar and a bass. We also bought some pedals and a few other things. I just finished up the acoustic guitar earlier today. Adam recorded the notes from a fender and I edited them to fit the guitar model. I am almost done with the bass and it should be up tonight. The bass was recorded from a yamaha 4 string. We plan on buying a new 6 bass and a 12 string acoustic to add to the site. Are you selling one on ebay? email me We have a new freestyle turntable widget coming out soon. The beats are so fresh they are still being produced!

Play the piano with either your mouse or your computers keyboard. To play with your computer keyboard click the 'activate keyboard control button' on the right side of the piano (the button looks like a computer keyboard). The notes are all accurate. The sheet music is converted to a sequence of letters you type on the computer keyboard and it will play the actual song. So if you wanted to play jingle bells on the piano you would click the 'activate keyboard control' button then type the letters for jingle bells - jjj jjj jl ghj. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of the page and share any songs you have for the piano or guitar.

There are hundreds of songs available for you to choose from. The songs are located in 2 places, above the piano as a drop down menu or on the piano itself under the buttonbass logo. Select a song, click the 'activate keyboard control' button on the piano then type the sequence of letters (song) you selected. You should be able to play bits of Beethoven in minutes.

Located on the gray piano are black buttons. These buttons add effects to the piano only when playing with your computer keyboard. There are 3 or 4 buttons for each effect, each representing one of the 4 available sound banks with the specified effect applied. The Echo effect produces one sound and then 2 echos of the sound with fading out volume. The layer buttons play 2 of the sound banks at the same time to produce a layer effect. The Studder buttons play the sound 5 times quickly at the same volume. The Split buttons split the piano with half being one of the sound banks and the other half being one of the other sound banks.

The voice recorder microphones have a button that says 'record voice sample from mic' Click that and then you will be prompted by flash to allow the mic to access your microphone. When you are finished recording click the 'stop recording' button. Then you can click the 'play recording' button to play back your voice sample. There are 2 different types of mics. One that plays your voice back faster and at a higher pitch, then there is a normal playback mic.

Throughout the buttonbass website there are many different mixers used to play loops and samples in many different ways. Many have volume, balance, tempo, and visualization mixed in with the many loops and sound samples.

Below many of the widgets on buttonbass there is a text box that contains the code you would copy and paste into your website or blog. When you insert the code the widget will appear on your website. So you could put the piano on your site!

The Best method to record your mixes from buttonbass is to install the freecorder toolbar in firefox. with the toolbar you can record any mixes you make and it even saves your audio file as an mp3. You could then download audacity and mix many of your mp3's together and add effects.

You can download many of the widgets from the website and keep them. Navigate to our downloads section.

Freestyle Boom Box
These instrumental beat widgets allow our users to mix and freestyle with continuously original instrumentals. The instrumentals were produced exclusively by Ariel from buttonbass. Feel free to use these beats in all of your projects. If you get a chance credit buttonbass somewhere in your credits section of your project.
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